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2021.12.15Japanese speech contest

On November 22, a Japanese speech contest has been held at Keifuku language academy

The representatives of each class have made their speech about what they want to present to the audience students and the audiences voted for the best speech.


Interesting facts about the Katakana

Speech was made about the Katakana that Japanese often used and the point of view as a foreigner。)



My determination after arrived Japan

Speech was made about be stronger through the life in Japan and contents that willing to study in graduate school in the future



Life of study aboard in Japan

Confused by the Japanese lifestyle, the best things about Japan etc. a speech about the feeling of life of study aboard was made。)



My home-country China and Japan

 (A presentation was made to compare the characteristics of student`s home country and Japan.)



There were also students who made presentations on Japanese fashion, environmental issues, food, etc., and it was a very interesting contest where they could hear different thoughts and opinions.



At last, everyone voted a lot, and we presented a certificate of commendation to the students who get the most vote by made a wonderful speech.


Through the Japanese speech contest. It was impressive to see the students have made their best presentations with the Japanese they had learned so far.

Their Japanese has improved a lot compared to when they first came to Japan, and the speaker also seemed to inspire the other students, which was a very good experience.