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Course and application period

Course Duration Term Start Application period
Course 1.3 years 1 year 3 month January

Apr.15 – Sep.1 Immigration Bureau application: Sep Result announcement: Nov

Course 1.6 years 1 year 6 month October

Jan.15 – May.15 Immigration Bureau application: Jun Result announcement: Aug

Course 1.9 years 1 year 9 month July

Oct.15 – Feb. 25 Immigration Bureau application: Mar Result announcement: May

Course 2 years 2 year April

Jun.15 – Nov.15 Immigration Bureau application:Nov Result announcement: Feb (next year)

Application qualification

High school graduate or equivalent to it. (Received education above 12 years)
And the person who met the following conditions.

  • (1) Physical healthy.
  • (2) Studied Japanese more than 180 hours or have JLPT certificate above N5.
  • (3) 5 years old or 8 years old enter to Elementary school (Certificate requirement).
  • (4) Ability for economic payment.
Please see “entrance application material” for more information.

Application method

An application to the school is possible by the following one of ways.

  • (1) An acquaintance residing in Japan visits a school directly and brings in documents necessary for an application.
  • (2) After inquiring of the school by telephone, a form necessary to an application is mailed to a subscriber from school.
  • (3) Necessary application documents are make documents through an agent or studying abroad center.

※After confirming the details of a notice, please prepare necessary material. When necessary material isn’t even, it can’t be received. When a necessary document is not prepared, we cannot accept it. Please be sure the application documents arrive by all means before an application time limit. In addition, the submitted documents can’t return other than the important papers such as identification cards. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.


Keifuku Bldg. 11-1, Kikuicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0044

Selection method

Document examination, interview, written examination

  • (1) Only prior questionnaire examination, a passer advance to the next procedure
  • (2) Selection charges payment: 20,000 yen
  • (3) Local interview and paper test(It can’t be returned to a selection charge after a pass.)
  • (4) Prejudging of the required document in the visa application (For submission on required documents, time is of the essence)


  • Material request ・Please feel free to contact us or your agent. Let us provide you with information regarding necesary document and others.
  • Application procedure ・To submit your application form duly filled in with other nesessary documents.
    ・After document screeing is completed, we will proceed with interviewing each applicant in your country or using Skype or other measures when necessary.
    ・Upon receipt of your payment of application fee, we will proceed with application for eligibility ( COE).
  • Application for COE ・We will apply to our Immigration Office for COE on behalf of each applicant.
  • Report of COE ・Our Immigration Office will repor to us whether COE is granted to the applicants.We will inform each applicant of the result mentioned as above.
  • Procedures for enrollment ・You are kindly requested to remit the school expenses within two weeks of our notice of COE to you.
    ・We will make arrangements for providing you with a dormitory if requested in advance.
    ・Upon receipt of your payment due, we will dispatch a Certificate of Enrollment and COE to you by post.
    ・You are kindly requested to apply for a student visa to the Japanese Consulate in your coutry.
  • Entry to Japan ・We will send you the Certificate of Enrollment with the attendance notice to you.
    ・You are kindly requested to confirm the date of your entrance to Japan and to prepare all you need to bring to Japan.


Basic documents for application

A : For Chinese, Bangladesh, Myanma, Mongol, Vietnam, Nepal, Sri Lanka

Ⅰ.Documents to be supplied by applicant

  • ①.Application form (which we designated)
  • ②.Essay about your purpose for Japanese study (which we designated)
  • ③.Resume (which we designated)
  • ④.Certificate of learning Japanese and its Japanese translation
  • ⑤.Original final diploma and its Japanese translation. ※All the applicants must submit the original high school diploma. College graduates should also submit the original college document.
  • ⑥.Identification card (ID card, family register) and its Japanese translation ※If it does not correspond with application form et cetera, we do not accept them.)
  • ⑦.Certificate of school/office registration (only for people who are students or workers.)
  • ⑧.Copy of your passport
  • ⑨.Copy of passport-size photo (Taken within 3months, L4cm. W3cm.)

Ⅱ.Documents to be supplied by supporter of the applicant

  • ①.Payment guarantee (which we designated)
  • ②.Documents that prove the relationship between supporter and applicant and its Japanese translation
  • ③.Bank balance sheet which has more than 3,000,000yen and copy of the bank book
  • ④.On-job certificate. If you are a director of a company or an independent businessman, submit a copy of the corporate registration.
  • ⑤.Documents that provide proof of the funds you will need to study in Japan.
  • ⑥.Identification card. If the supporter is a Japanese or naturalized in Japan, submit the certificate of residence which contains all family members. If non-Japanese, submit certificate of facts in foreigner registration
  • ⑦.Taxation certificate. Official documents that proves supporter’s income for the recent 3 years and its Japanese translation.
  • ⑧.Income certificate. Official documents that provides proof of the supporter’s income for the past 3 years and its Japanese translation.

B : For other country

  • ①.Application form (which we designated)
  • ②.Copy of passport
  • ③.Final diploma or a certificate of register and its Japanese translation.
  • ④.Copy of passport-size photo (Taken within 3months, L4cm. W3cm.)
  • ⑤.Family register
  • ⑥.Bank balance sheet


  • ①.Make sure to fill the application forms by the applicant.
  • ②.Write between the blocks. Use a black ballpoint or a fountain pen, and if you made a mistake, draw a double line on it and stamp your seal, then write the correct words at the next to it. Do not use white out.
  • ③.Each document has to be issued within the past 3months.
  • ④.Each of original document and Japanese translation has to be printed.
  • ⑤.Each document has to be in A4 size.


All school fees must be paid before obtaining a certificate of eligibility can be issued. After we have confirmed that the money has been received, we will send the certificate of eligibility.

1.School Fees: Pay fees of 1year in advance.

Fees The first year The second year
April July October January
Entrance fee 60,000
Course fee 600,000 600,000 450,000 300,000 150,000
Miscellaneous fee 70,000 70,000 52,500 35,000 17,500
Books fee 30,000 30,000 22,500 15,000 7,500
Toal 760,000 700,000 525,000 350,000 175,000

※Miscellaneous fee include : Facility fees, Utility expenses and School trip fees

Fees for dormitory(Example)

Fees for dormitory: 280,000yen for 6 months
If you want to live in our dormitory, please contact us as soon as possible and fill in the application form.
Pay the fees for the dormitory together with your school fees.

Rent: 210,000yen
Electricity, water and gas fee: divide the cost equally among all roommates
Key money: 40,000yen
Guarantee/Deposit money: 20,000yen (we will return the rest except the cleaning fee.)
Bedding fee 10,000yen

※As a general rule, all applicants for the dormitory will have to stay there for at least 6 months.

Method of payment of school expenses


Flywire provides global remittance service which is aimed for your payment to your educational organization(s). Wire transfer from your local bank to our designated bank account and also payment by credit card are supported by flywire. Please refer to the following URL or CR code:


Transfer to school account.




1-21-5 Minami-Ikebukuro, Toshima ward, Tokyo, Japan




Waseda Keifuku Language Academy

BANK TEL: 0081-3-3987-3111

Cancel policy

  • ①.If you are unable to obtain an entry visa from the Japanese embassy in your home country after you have paid the school expenses, we will refund them except the payment of the expenses of selections and bank remitting charge concerned. (In the case that you cannot get an entry visa and you want us to refund, do the procedure of cancellation by yourself and submit to us the copy of the page which shows that you cannot get an entry visa.)
  • ②.If you cancel your entrance because of your private reasons, contact us immediately and submit to us the document of declining entry. In that case we will refund them within 50 days. We will refund all except payment of the expenses of selections, bank remitting charge concerned, entrance fees, textbook expenses and school tuition of 3 months.
  • ③.3. If any documents are found to be falsified, we will cancel your entrance and you will lose the right of stay in Japan, even after you have completed the entrance procedures. We will not refund any payments, such as the payment of the expenses of selections.

SCHOLARSHIP scholarship programs

In addition to scholarship programs which are provided to public Japanese schools, our school provides our own scholarship programs.
The recipients are decided by our school’s teachers. In addition, we have rewards for perfect attendances and for good grades at our school.

Scholarships term reward method of selection
Scholarships for students who are studying in Japanese education centre 1year 48,000yen/month School recommends
Scholarships for Private International Students in Japan 1year 48,000yen/month School recommends