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About Your daily life

Q1. Do you have dormitories for students?
A1. Yes. We provide our students with dormitories managed by our school. We also provide you with information regarding housing in the vicinity of our school.
Q2. Do you have scholarship?
A2. Yes. You can apply for scholarship provided by the Japanese educational organization.Our school also provide you with scholarship on our own.
Q3. Do you help us find a part-time job?
A3. Our school will help you find a part-time job or provide with relevant information on condition that you excel in studies and you are committed to work within scope of performing well
Q4. How many hours are we expected to study?
A4. You study 4 hours on every weekday. The total will be 800 hours a year.
AM:09:00-12:30 PM:13:30-17:00
Q5. How do we have to prepare for entering a Japanese university?
A5. Our school provides briefing sessions twice a year. After the session, you can have an interview with the teacher in charge regarding proceeding to your next stage in education.
In accordance with the requirements of the university you have chosen, you can select the necessary curriculum. (Some optional curriculum may be subject to additional charges.)
The teachers in charge are committed to support you with enthusiasm till you pass the entrance exam.

Regarding enrollment to our school

Q1. Can we take an entrance exam in China? How do we take the exam?
A1. You are expected the take the exam at the school in China which our school has commissioned. Please inquire to our school for details about those schools where you can take the entrance exam.
Q2. When can we enter your school?
A2. Our school recruits students for times a year. The enrollment time is as follows with respective course:
January ( 1.3 year course )
April ( 2 year course )
July ( 1.9 year course )
October ( 1.6 year course)
Q3. What are the procedures for enrollment?
A3. Please refer to “ PROCEDURE”.
Q4. Do you have an age limit for enrollment to your school?
A4. We have no age limit on condition that less than 5 years have passed since you graduated from your previous school before coming to Japan.
Besides, the conditions for enrollment may vary depending on the status of your application. Accordingly please inquire to our school and confirm beforehand.