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Guidance of School Building A tasteful 5-story building nestling in the company of Waseda is our school. Attending school is possible in peace every day because it takes 1-minute on foot from subway Waseda Station. Every classroom is sunny and is the design which has no cases that voice leaks even if I do the training of conversation with loud voice, so it’s always possible to apply itself to study in comfortableness and vigorousness. A health-care room and a consultation corner are equipped well in addition to the book section in the school building.Because there is the convenience store in immediateness, it is possible by slight shopping willingly.

Our School Entrance Our School Entrance
Classroom Classroom
Classroom Classroom
Rest space Rest space
Meeting Space Meeting Space
Graduation Ceremony Graduation Ceremony
Tea Ceremony Experience Tea Ceremony Experience
Student Japanese Practice Meeting(The school appearance)
                  < Student Japanese Practice Meeting
(The school appearance)
School Exterior School Exterior
Waseda Dormitory Waseda Dormitory
Tabata Dormitory Tabata Dormitory


Social Guidance

Social Guidance

The students learn experiences valuably at a foreign place, on the other hand hold many stresses. I’m thinking the partner who can talk with you closely will be the big power to let you accomplish the dream at the time of visiting Japan. In our school, the staffs who are proficient in Chinese, English, Vietnamese is registered other than Japanese teachers. The staffs instruct the rule manner of the Japan Company, manage a class manner and the attendance situation, and give a warm support of trouble consultation in the everyday life.

Guidance of Entrance into a higher grade school

Guidance of Entrance into a higher grade school

We instruct student seriously, which is our school’s motto of the entrance into a higher grade school. We advise most suitable entrance into a higher grade school while taking consideration into each person’s thought, respecting his strong will and challenge spirit. In addition, all staff of our school instruct short essay measures necessary for entrance into a higher grade school, interview measures, and the individual treatment consultation in a curriculum with responsibility.

Vocational Guidance

Vocational Guidance

Among the students who acquired a graduation from university in a mother country, we support them for the job hunting utilized a wide network in hope of finding employment in Japan after graduation. Including the cooperation with group businesses, we plan to build the relationship of mutual trust with more companies in future.

Student Service Center

Student Service Center

There are cooperation companies, which performs the support service about immovable industry and communications industry, offer the house (student dormitory) which is indispensable for studying abroad life and the contract of a cell-phone and the Internet. In addition, from the establishment of the bank account to the instruction of the resume, we offer the students the wide support to make the studying life in peace.

Job opportunity

Job opportunity

In 2012, our school acquired the activity permission of the foreign student out of the qualification from an Immigration Bureau. The foreign student can in this way work part-time in prescribed time and a type of industry freely. We introduce the part-time job overtime of the class in cooperation with each company in our school.

ENVIRONMENT Neighboring environment

Learning environment

Our school is located in Shinjuku-ku which is the center of capital Tokyo. Our school is next to Waseda University which is a birthplace of Soseki Natsume who is a Japanese great writer, and one of the two excellent Japanese private school. The outskirts are dotted with prestigious universities. The environment most suitable for the person who would like to learn Japan seriously.

Birthplace of Soseki Natsume Birthplace of Soseki Natsume
Waseda University Waseda University
Tokyo University Tokyo University

Living Environment

The facilities, from convenience store in the neighborhood, to Supermarket for 24 hours, Household appliance shop, a secondhand bookstore,restaurants, the 100-yen shop, banks, a post office and an international medical center, which are convenient for student life are substantial. In addition, if I use means of transportation, to Shinjuku center of commerce and Ikebukuro for approximately ten minutes, to Ginza lined with world famous brands for approximately 15 minutes, To a Chinese embassy with approximately 20 minutes, it is a very convenient location for attending school and a part-time job.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Shinjuku Imperial garden Shinjuku Imperial garden
Edogawa Park Edogawa Park
Koraku-en Garden Koraku-en Garden
Metropolitan Toyama park Metropolitan Toyama park
Post office Post office
Supermarket for 24 hours Supermarket for 24 hours
A Restaurant A Restaurant
A bank A bank

RESULT Entrance into university or College

Graduate school

Tokyo University graduate school, Kyoto University graduate school, Institute of Tokyo Institute of Technology, Osaka University graduate school, Hitotsubashi University graduate school, Institute of Ochanomizu University, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies graduate school, Saitama University graduate school, Hosei University graduate school, Meiji University graduate school, Aoyama Gakuin University graduate school etc.


Tokyo Institute of Technology, Waseda University, Keio University, Sophia University, Chuo University, Nippon University, Toyo University, Meiji University, Chiba University, Tokyo Dental College, capital University etc.


Tokyo mode school, JEOL technical school, Tokyo Tours technical school, Sundai travel & hotel College, Tokyo welfare childcare technical school etc.