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2021.12.24End of year greetings

Hello everyone.

This year also becomes a very difficult year by the influence of the coronavirus. However, with the support of many people, our academy successfully carried out this year’s courses to the end of the year. In addition to Japanese cultural experience activities such as Japanese tea ceremony and yukata experience, many projects such as animation experience are also carried out. We sincerely thanks all those who cooperated in organizing such events.




Japanese tea ceremony

Yukata experience

Animation experience

Washi making experience

Japanese speech contest


Students have been actively participating in these events despite the coronavirus, and have been enthusiastic about both online and on campus classes.

Thanks to those efforts, some students have already entering in to the great universities such as Waseda University, Hitotsubashi University, and Sophia University.

We would like to continue to hold classes and events that students will enjoy next year, and at the same time, we would like to make everyone’s life of study abroad fruitfully, so we will be very grateful if you can continue to support Waseda Keifuku Language Academy.


Have a great new year!