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2021.10.19Washi making experience

On September 22nd and 24th, we visited Ozu Washi and experienced the production of traditional Japanese handmade paper.
Ozu Washi was founded in 1653 as a store that mainly handles handmade Japanese paper with its unique traditional technique, which boasts about 370 years, and is highly evaluated around the world.

First, we asked the staff about the process of making washi, and then actually tried to make washi ourselves.


Some students were able to make beautiful washi from the beginning and some students who had been struggled many times. Both of them seemed to have a lot of fun on making the production.


Everyone made their own washi with different flavors, and the students seemed to be very satisfied.


At last, students used washi that made by themselves to do calligraphy, and everyone had fun to write their goals and favorite characters of this year on the washi.