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2021.09.28The animation experience joint class

Japanese animation is very popular all over the world. Many of the international students have been familiar with Japanese animation since they were young, and some even decided to study in Japan because of the animation. Therefore, Waseda Keifuku academy has organized courses of “Anime drawing experience”, “Anime editing experience”, and ” Anime voice actor experience” in collaboration with various specialized colleges in order to let students have a deep understanding of Japanese animation culture.

We would like to thanks all the professional instructors, the faculties and staffs for their cooperation.

[Schools that cooperated at the joint class]

Tokyo Animation College

Tokyo Designer Gakuin

Anime Artist Academy

Anime editing experience


Anime editing experience

Anime voice actor experience



Students opinions

Anime drawing experience

・「It was very fun to be able to have the lesson about my favorite Japanese animation.

・「Process for making animation was much more complex than I thought, but it was very interesting.

・「Being able to watch all kinds of excellent animation works is the blessing of animation producers. I admire it very much

Anime editing experience

・「It was interesting to experience video editing for the first time. It was possible to know the production process of the anime which I always watch.

・「It was my first time to operate the editing software. With the detailed instructions given by the teachers from the specialized colleges, the operation was started quickly. I have also learned the knowledge and process of the image editing software.

・「I thought that the technique learned in the class was very useful.

Anime voice actor experience

・「It was very fun. All the voice actors was great.

・「Thanks to the voice actor, so we can see so many excellent animation works.

・「I learned about the fun and the hard work of the voice actor. This experience is a good memory.

・「I want to learn more about the professional knowledge of voice actor through this course.


Through the animation experience

Through the anime drawing experience course, I learned about the differences in animation culture between Japan and overseas, and felt the secret of why Japanese animation is so popular in the world. And through the experience of anime editing, I have been exposed to the latest technology and know the front and back scenes of animation production.

 Through these experiences, it was a good opportunity to visit the specialized colleges to learn about the atmosphere and facilities there, and to think about going to the college after graduate from the Japanese language school.

Moreover, in the voice actor experience, I learned the technique necessary for the voice actor such as the pronunciation and the accent under the guidance of the professional lecturer, and I was able to enjoy to be a voice actor of the character of the animation that I have watched.