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2021.08.04Yukata experience

A “Yukata experience” was held on July 19th. “Yukata” is one of the traditional Japanese culture, it used to be worn when taking a bath, but now it is worn when participating in festival and other activities in summer.


Waseda Keifuku academy offers yukata for students to wear.

On the day, the students chose their favorite patterns of yukata and wear it with the help of the teacher.


The students are very happy to wear yukata for the first time. Some students even brought their own yukata to participate.


Everyone wears a yukata and takes a picture.


On this day, a samurai class was also held by a master of Japanese martial arts, “Mr. Yamashita,” who taught students how to pull out a katana by using a replica katana.


The students holding Katanas also felt like they had become samurais.


Also, Tanabata’s Tanzaku was written on this day.


Students wrote down their wishes and decorated them on the bamboo.


“Yukata” and “Katana” are Japanese cultures that are difficult to experience in daily life. Students are very happy with this activity. Hope students can have more opportunities to experience all kinds of Japanese culture in their life of study abroad.