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2021.07.02Participate in a Japanese speech contest!

Lin Yuhao from our school participated in the “しゃべれおん’21″ Japanese speech contest held on June 12th (Saturday).


This Japanese speech contest is based on the theme of what you feel in daily life in Japan and your dreams in the future. It will be presented in Japanese.

The contant will be reviewed in advance, and students who pass the review can make the presentation on the day of the contest.


In order to prevent the spread of covid 19, the number of visitors was restricted. On the same day, two faculty of our school accompanied them at the venue.



Although I was nervous even after the contest, I was able to make a successful presentation through practice.

Unfortunately that I didn’t get a rank in the end, but I got participation prizes, such as merchandise coupons, and Japanese confectionery.



I had gain valuable experience by doing the presentation in Japanese in front of many people, and I was also inspired by the presentations of other students.