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2021.05.31The Orienteering

The Orienteering was held on May 26th (Wednesday).

Orienteering is an extracurricular activity where you can visit historic sites and museums around the school with your friends and get in touch with the nature and culture of the area.

Students were divided into teams with 5 to 6 people, and maps will be distributed to each team. 7 spots on the map were visited. When students arrive at each spot, the whole team will take a photo.




                〈Hojoji Temple〉


               〈Okuma Auditorium〉


             〈Toyama Park Mt. Sekine〉


             〈Sekiguchi Basho-an Garden〉


             〈Natsume Soseki Memorial Museum〉


               〈Omokagebashi Station〉


            goal!〈Waseda keifuku language Academy


Although everyone walked for about two and a half hours, all the team members took pictures with very beautiful smiles and did not feel tired.


After returning to school, everyone wrote down their thoughts and discussed the places they had been visited with classmates.


Through this activity, everyone was able to experience the nature and culture around the school and improve the relationship with classmates.