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2022.08.25Yukata & Shuriken Experience

Yukata & Shuriken experience was held on July 19.

The new students participated in the yukata experience, while second graders, who wore yukata last year, learned about shuriken.

In the yukata experience, boys and girls were divided into two groups and challenged to try on the yukata.

Afterwards, everyone enjoyed a walk around Ana Hachiman Shrine near the school and enjoyed the summer atmosphere together.

Meanwhile, second graders learned the basics of shuriken made of aluminum chopsticks.

Both boys and girls were fascinated by the depth of the stick shuriken, which is said to have been learned by samurai!

The students also learned about the Tanabata Festival by decorating sasa leaves with tanzaku strips.

The yukata experience as well as the shuriken experience were valuable experiences that could not be learned anywhere else. We Waseda Keifuku Language School will continue to incorporate Japanese cultural experiences that are not easily available elsewhere.