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2020.05.11Online Classes

While every day when you can’t work on the class in the classroom continues by influence of coronavirus.
Keifuku language academy is doing the On-line school with zoom from Thursday, April 9.


I wanted everyone of the student who became going out self-control following temporary school closing to take the lesson somehow, and prepared in a hurry.


It was a grope by a first try, but the On-line class has been just also quiet as the shape of the new class.


Student’s face was seen through a session on the On-line, and you could be very relieved.

Good which still is that entry was connected with a difficult new student at the session, too and is on-line is realized once more.


I’m the On-line tuition who has been pressed need for and has started, but various possibilities are probable.


After tuition usually resumed it, I’m thinking if it can be utilized as the strong tool to learn Japanese.