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  3. A cherry tree in Sotoyama park bloomed.

2020.04.06A cherry tree in Sotoyama park bloomed.

I said the mild winter this year, and it was bloom of a cherry tree earlier than an ordinary year at all part.

However, aren’t there a lot of people who couldn’t do flower viewing satisfactorily by going out self-control by influence of new-style coronavirus, either?

Word as “indoor flower viewing” was popular on SNS, and many people could contribute a picture of the cherry tree and see the shared view.

Something like culture of the Japanese who loves a cherry tree even if you can’t go out, felt, seem and I think.
Now, I’ll deliver the state of the full-blown cherry tree in a metropolitan Sotoyama park nearby than Waseda Keifuku language academy this time.


Toyama park in a wide site as an approximately 180,000 square meters of park site can see various plants by the season as well as fitting a walk course.


It’s also possible to look a cherry tree around 360 deg from the top of Hakoneyama in the highest peak in the Yamanote Line at the inside, and men and women of all ages doesn’t care, and it’s a popular spot.

A cherry tree was also scattering at present, but when the wind blows, a storm of falling cherry blossoms is clean again.


It’ll be hot weather more now, be and be the season going out becomes fun when.
Japan which can walk outside without hesitation is for even 1 day earlier and keeps hoping to come.