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2023.07.06Tea ceremony physical examination

On June 27, this school was designed to improve the students’ study abroad and to make Japanese students a deeper experience in Japanese culture.Let’s look at everyone’s harvest at this tea partyEnvironment of Japanese styleLet’s look at everyone’s harvest at this tea partyPrepare for tea ceremony, prepare for students’ candy and tea set beforehand.Blast furnace and boiling pot

“Kettle” is used for boiling water or putting tea, and round pieces made of copper or iron are common. When the tea is opened, the lid opens, and the guest drops Tea.Before putting tea, the teacher delivered the cake to everyone. In Japanese tea style, it is common to eat light food before drinking powdered green tea.

Here are some notes about Japanese tatami. In Japan, you cannot get into the room with a foot, and you must take off your shoes at the entrance. Please do not step on the edge of the tatami mat after entering.The bamboo on the right side is called ‘Chasen’ and is made by sharpening bamboo, and is necessary to stir the green tea. Usually made from fresh bamboo, dried bamboo, or smoked bamboo, there are thin, medium, coarse heads. There are various kinds of tea whiskers depending on the type of tea.After the teacher demonstrated the students to the students, the students started practicing and the teacher taught them patiently.I want to pay attention to a little manners, too. After drinking tea, it is also a kind of respect to turn the side of the drunken face to the owner side.