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2022.12.01Speech Contest

We held a speech contest on November 22 at our school. Each class representative gave a presentation on “What I want to say most.” The students who gave speeches addressed everyday questions and familiar issues, and also offered their own opinions and suggestions.

The themes each student took up included “cell phones,” “online games,” “moving,” “coffee,” “ice water,” and many other unique perspectives.

As in the previous year, a “question and answer” session was held for each presenter. A lively exchange of ideas and opinions ensued. Staffs and Teachers watched it with great interest.

Students who did not go up on stage listened to the speeches and voted for the best one.

Speeches require not only language skills but also rich expressive abilities.

We hope that through these opportunities, students will continue to acquire self-expression skills that can be used in interviews for entrance examinations and in the real world.