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  3. The joint entrance ceremony for the academic year 2020

2021.05.11The joint entrance ceremony for the academic year 2020

January 20, 2021

The joint entrance ceremony for the academic year 2021 was held.

New students for the academic year 2020 are unable to enter the country for several months due to the state of emergency and immigration restrictions. The entrance ceremony, which was supposed to be held 4 times a year, had to be postponed. After October, new students entered the country one after another, and by 2021, 70% of new students have successfully arrived in Japan.

In order to welcome the students who had enter the country safely, we hold a joint entrance ceremony.



About 80 new students attended the ceremony at the school and the others attended online in response to the state of emergency,

Led by the chairman, many parties conveyed encouragement to all new students, including both students who came to the school and participated online.



At the entrance ceremony, new students introduced themselves by writing down their hobbies, what they wanted to do in Japan, and their goals after graduation, and asked the representative students to present them.

Although some students had many online lessons throughout the year, it seems that they had been able to take part in the lessons since April of last year, and many students were able to introduce themselves fluently.




Even now, with the state of emergency being issued, it’s pleasant that the entrance ceremony was held at the school, even with thorough measures such as hand washing, alcohol disinfection, and wearing masks.

There are still many students who were unable to enter the country. Pray for all the students able to enter the country as soon as possible, so that everyone can participate classes in the classroom.