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  3. ☆Summer Marching☆彡One-day trip to Disney Sea

2018.06.22☆Summer Marching☆彡One-day trip to Disney Sea

We went to Disney Sea as a part off-campus lessons like every year.

☆Our students enjoyed this event, called Summer Marching.

A competition was hold, including attendance rate, photo contest. The winner got present from school.

We gathered early! It was hot day. Thanks to Fast pass card, we experienced many attractions.

A lot of photos also taken by students.

Our staff surprised by good sense of students’ photograph.


Compositions were written by students, I made several friends. This is we called youth. We enjoyed. As many students wrote.

Playing with teachers and classmates, taking with people never talked before, friendship was deepened by this meaningful event. 

So, the most inspiring photo is? And the best class is?

Waiting soon.