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2023.11.28A trip to the Nissin Ramen Museum

When you think of Japanese food, what words pop up in your head? Ramen, sushi, tempura, sukiyabe… Just thinking about it is already starting to produce saliva. But the next food, instant noodles, is not only rich in flavor and rich in flavor, but also has become a commemorative museum that is suitable for adults and can satisfy children’s imagination and creativity under the “stacking” of design master Kashiwa Sato.

In 2011, in memory of Momofuku Ando, who celebrated the 100th anniversary of his birth, and the 40th anniversary of the world’s first cup noodle cup, the second Aimi Memorial Hall was built in Yokohama. As the museum introduction says, “This is an experiential memorial where creativity and inquiry are nurtured and nurtured in each child.” ”

In order to let the students experience Mr. Momofuku Ando’s “Creative Thinking = Creative Thinking” firsthand. The school decided to organize a visit on November 24th, which not only allowed students to learn more about Japanese culture, but also enriched their extracurricular life.

It is a place where the best ramen flavors from all over Japan are gathered, and the history of ramen in Japan and its unique noodle culture are shown, and it can be called the “Holy Land of Japanese Ramen”.

In the “Ramen Making Experience Class”, visitors can make noodles using the traditional Chinese method of “green bamboo noodles” and enjoy the fun of transforming flour into ramen.

Students’ achievements are displayed 👇

In this activity, the students made their favorite ramen, drew their favorite patterns on the ramen box, and selected their favorite flavors of ramen.

Students enjoying the sea view from the upper floor of Nissin

I believe that the students have gained a lot from this trip to the Nissin Museum. In visiting, touching, playing, and practicing, everyone also gained the inspiration of invention and discovery, and discovered their own creative thinking.