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  3. Yenkata experience for school students in 2023

2023.10.17Yenkata experience for school students in 2023

Yukata is one of the traditional Japanese cultures that used to be worn during baths, but now it is worn during summer festivals such as fireworks festivals.

Waseda Kyofu Language Academy offers students a “yukata” wearing experience. The students chose their favorite patterns and wore “yukata” with the help of their teachers. It was a weekend and I participated in the fireworks festival during the break. 

The students who wore the “yukata” for the first time enjoyed it, and some of the students wore the “yukata” they brought.

Yukata is a Japanese culture that is difficult to experience in daily life, and the students were very happy about this event. Especially those who have just arrived in Japan are full of expectations for the cultural experience of Japan. I hope that students will have more opportunities to experience various Japanese cultures in their study abroad life, and at the same time have a wonderful life studying in Japan.